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GMS401-F13 Final Exam Formula.docx

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MKT 100
Jennifer Fraser

GMS401 – Final Exam Formula Sheet Chapter 2 – Productivity Output Productivity= Input ProductivityGrowth= Current Productivty−PreviousProductivity ×100 PreviousProductivity Chapter 4S – Reliability Series Systems:  System ×1 ×…2 R n Parallel Systems: System− 1(R × 1) (×…× 12R ( n) Numberof failures Failurerate perunitof time= Totaloperatingtimeof allitems MeanTime¿Failure(MTTF)= 1 Failurerate Exponential Distribution:  −T/MTTF Pr nofailurebeforeT =e , where  T  is the length of service before  failure Pr failurebeforeT =1−e −T/MTTF . NormalDistribution: z= T−Meanwear−outtime Standarddeviationof wear−out time T=Meanwear−outtime+z×Standarddeviationof wear−out time   (working  backwards) MTBF Availability= ,whereMTBF=Meantimebetweenfailures∧MTTR=Meantime¿repair MTBF+MTTR Chapter 6 – Time Study x Observedtime(OT):OT= ∑ i,where ∑ x =∑ of recordedtime∧n=¿of observations n i GMS401 F13 Page 1 of 8 Normaltime(NT):NT=OT ×PR,whereOT=Observedtime∧PR=Performancerating StandardTime(ST ):ST=NT× AF ,whereNT=Normaltime∧AF=AllowanceFactor A F jobA ,whereA=Allowance proportionbasedon jobtime 1 A F day ,whereA=Allowance proportionbasedonworkday 1−A Chapter 7S – Learning Curves b th T nT n1,where :  Tn =Time for  n  unit,  T1 1 st = Time for   unit. b= ln(learning percentage/100 ) ln2 total time factorobtained Tn=¿T ×1otaltimefactor(¿Table7S−1) Totaltime¿ producenunits= ∑ ¿ n b Learning percentage=100×2 Minimumnumberof repetitions¿ achieveagivenstandard:n=e [n⁡nT )(1]bT Chapter 10 – Statistical Quality Control LCL /UCL =́ x± A Ŕ ́x ́x 2 ́ ́ LCL RD R,3CL =D R R 4 k k ∑ xi ∑ Ri ́ i=1 ́ i=1 x= k ,R= k p 1−p ) ́ Total Numberof Defectives LCL pUCL =pp z √ n , p= TotalNumberof Observations LCL cUCL =ccz c,c √ ́= TotalNumberof Defects TotalNumberof Samples U pperS pecificationLimit−LowerS pecificationLimit C p 6σ U pperS pecificationLimit−́ x ́x−Lower S pecificationLimit C pkin { 3σ ,
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