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Jennifer Fraser

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ASSIGNMENT #3: PERSUASIVE MESSAGE (15%)  DUE BY MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 28, 2014 Grading the assignment worth 15 points, based on the following measures:  Current business memo format=1+ correct grammar, punctuation and spelling=1 + correctly applying the  four­step persuasive strategy shown in the text and indirect approach=7 +  clear, concise, precise, correct writing (sentences and paragraphs) reflecting professional tone=6=  (1+1+7+6) =Total = 15 Readings: Chapter 8, pages 218­227, Module 6 REQUIREMENTS: 1.Prepare your assignment (a Memorandum) as MS Word document using Calibri or Times New Roman (11 point font for text, 12-14 point font for headings).Attach the document to a Message addressed to RR and send it by midnight, February 28, 2014. Include your name, student number, and CCMN279-DKO/DLO as a header or footer. You won’t have to look for Instead, add the following honour-bound statement to the assignment and add your electronic signature.*****This assignment is written by me and my signature stands as the  testimony of my academic integrity and authorship.***** 2. The assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria: • Applies contemporary business memorandum format and presents a professional image. (Good examples in the text: pages 226-227: Figures 8.5, 8.6, Chapter 8) • Incorporates the four-step persuasive strategy and techniques to engage and hold the reader’s interest. (Discussion: pp 218-223, 225, Ch. 8, Module 6, Course Contents, Blackboard) Builds up a case for the proposed action by applying indirect writing approach. (Discussion: pages 221-223, Chapter 8, Figures 8.5 & 8.6 are good. Using suitable topic headings for the internal sections will enhance clarity and effectiveness.) • ***Anticipates audience’s potential concerns/objections, minimizes concerns and shows how to deal with them. This requirement must be met even while using the AIDAmethod (shown in Blackboard Module 6). (Vital Discussion: pages 219-223, 225; examples. Figure #8.5, Figure #8.6, Chapter 8) • Shows the content is clear, logically organized with needed details, and professional in tone. (Examples: Figures #8.5 & #8.6, Chapter 8) • Uses clear, effective sentences (12-20 words) and paragraphs (5-6 sentences = 8 lines of text). Demonstrates the message is revised for correct use of words, sentences, spelling, grammar and punctuation. (Chapter 1, pages 48-51, Chapters 2, 3, 4,AppendicesA& B) Preparing for the assignment will help by reading ahead Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5, 8,App.A& B and Module 6 found in Course Contents, Blackboard. Choose one of the three situations outlined on page 2. Add by creating credible, realistic details as may be required by the situation/story line. Use your own name and a credible title as the sender of the memo. Persuasive MessageASNMNT -2- Due by midnight, February 28, 2014 Create a realistic name and a job title for the manager to receive your memorandum. Submit the work as one document set up in sequence on two pages: (1)Apoint form outline/plan you have used to prepare your memorandum, points used to develop the contents needed for a maximum of five paragraphs write- up aiming to persuade a manager (review Figures 8.5 and 8.6) (a sample of a point form outline follows at the end of this assignment document); and (2) the completed memorandum. Any question? Send me a Message or email well in advance of the due date at [email protected] 1. Persuade the Manager of your company/organization to allow you and other employees in the company to start a sports/arts/recreation program in the community served by the company to help engage young people after school in safe, fun and meaningful activities. Persuade the Manager that such a program will fulfill the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility ( and at the same time it will enhance the company’s public image and reputation. 2. Persuade the Manager of your company to allow the employees to start an internally competitive fitness program at work. The program may involve exercises at lunch time or biking to and from work or a dance class after work. You may have other innovative and workable ideas for a competitive fitness program to energize and inspire the work groups within the company – that will help to increase camaraderie, self-esteem, team-building and higher productivity. 3. Persuade the Manager of your company to allow you and the employees to follow a special series o
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