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MKT 100
Jennifer Fraser

1. My overall impression of this e-mail is that; it is not put together very well. There is no clear introduction, middle, and the ending is not concise and to the point. This e-mail lacks basic substance which makes it very easy for the reader to get confused. The subject is not detailed and does not state what the help is for. It also does not indicate that a response is required. The Subject, Date, From, and To lines are in the wrong order. This e-mail indicates that the author lacks the proper skills needed to write an effective and proper e-mail, which will ensure a response. 2. The three obvious weaknesses in this email are: - The subject line is unclear; a subject line should describe the intentions of the sender. HELP! As a subject line is vague, and could mean anything when the reader is looking through their e-mails. This could also cause the reader to skip over the e- mail, due to the lack of detail in the subject line. - The e-mail lacks a clear organized structure, organization plays a large part in whether the e-mail is understood correctly. The first error in organization is the Date, To, From, and Subject format. This is incorrect in this case and should be in the following order: o Subject o Date o From o To This e-mail also lacks the organizational structure of; Opening, Middle, and end. This is a crucial detail because it assists the reader in properly understanding the email. In this e-mail the sender jumps right in without an introduction. The conclusion is also lacking in organization and does not clearly state when a response is needed. Yes she said ASAP, but that could mean a week or two, not clear enough. - This e-mail also lacks clarity in certain areas. When Nicholas is talking about the speakers he fails to describe who these speakers
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