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Chapter 6 Notes.docx

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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Jennifer Fraser

CHAPTER 6 Lecture 9: Corporate Directing Minds and Regulatory Offences • Directing mind their mind to due diligence • R. v. Safety Kleen Canada o “true crime” – “knowingly” • R. v. Glenshiel o Actus reus could not be proved but court states that the fact that the ship discharged the oil, that was the act not what the people did to cause it Lecture 10: Corporate Directing Minds and Regulatory Offences • Safety Kleen – not criminally liable because worker was not considered a directing mind o Even under bill C45 not liable because he is not a senior officer o Criminal o Regulatory • Glenshiel -> actus reus • Edmonton -> control + ownership? o Although the City of Edmonton was the owner of the stadium it was not liable because it did not have control, the control was with the tenant so only the tenant was liable o Not in every case, there is always some control in an ownership • Directing mind as shield: due diligence -> beyond mere policy o Although policy is a part of a due diligence program it has to
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