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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Mary Foster

91 As attentiongrabbing advertising devices ever advances on the supply side the sensorysystem adaptation of buyers and their ability to screen out advertising ever advances on the demand side TrueWhich advertising model assumes thoughtful decisionmaking LFBAnswers to How believable are ads scoredout of 9 in the 1950s andin the 1970s Around 8 under 3Which of the following advertising functions is a hierarchyofeffects model of advertising effect because consumer learning about the product leads to belief changes that lead to changes in feelings attitude toward the product that lead to buying the productLFBWhose responsibility to put together a creative brief that describes the target market product competitive positioning qualityadded claims and sales increase goals The companyWhat type of advertising persuasion is the basis for the following advertising message theme Try me BFL messagesAdvertising in the new media such as on the Internet is trustedtelevision newspaper magazine radio and billboard advertising More thanWhat type of advertising persuasion is the basis for the following advertising message theme Have you got this problem I have the solution LFB messagesRegarding Keep the message simple which is true It is an advertising principle that is violated by most advertising campaignsIn which of the following countries is advertising much more effective Both C and DWhich of the following is NOT one of the fundamental advertising principles None of the aboveRomantic fragrance ads are an example of which advertising model FBL
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