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MKT 100
Helene Moore

Worksheet Metric 2 Percentage Change1 Eds is a small deli which has had great success in its second year of operation Revenues in Year 2 are 570000 compared with 380000 in Year 1 What is Eds yearoveryear sales growth rateAnswerYearoverYear Sales GrowthYear 2Year 1Year 1100570000380000380000100 50 2 A pair of jeans that normally sells for 75 is marked down 30 and then reduced at the cash register another 10 Is this a total reduction of 40 If not what is the percent reductionAnswer Let Price 1 be the initial price of 75 let Price 2 be the price after the 30 mark down and Price 3 be the price after additional 10 reduction at the cash register Initial Reduction30Price 2Price 1Price 1 03Price 27575 0375Price 275 Price 20375755250Second Reduction10Price 3Price 2Price 2 01Price 352505250 015250Price 35250 Price 301525052504725Total Percent ReductionPrice 3Price 1Price 1100 47257575100 37 3 A small retain chain posts impressive percentage growth figures moving from 58 million to 107 million in sales from one year to the next Despite this dynamic growth however analysts cast doubt on the firms business model warning that its existing stores growth measure suggests that its concept is failing Based on the chart below and assuming that stores were opened on the first day of Years 1 and 2 What is the retail chains yearoveryear sales growth rateWhat is the yearoveryear sales growth or decrease for each store as appropriate What is the same store existing and not expansion yearoveryear growth
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