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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Helene Moore

Worksheet Metric 5 MarkupMargin1 A computer software retailer uses a markup rate of 40 If the retailer pays 25 each for computer games sold in its stores how much do the games sell forAnswer The markup is 40 of the 25 cost so the markup is0402510Then the selling price being the cost plus markup is251035Therefore the games sell for 35 2 A golf pro shop pays its wholesaler 40 for a certain club and then sells that club to golfers for 75 What is the retail markup rateAnswer The gross profit in dollars is calculated as sales price less cost754035The markup rate is then calculatedMarkup Gross ProfitCost 100 3540 100 8753 A shoe store uses a 40 markup on cost Find the cost of a pair of shoes that sells for 63Answer The cost of the shoes is calculated as followsSelling PriceCostMarkupCostMarkup Cost63Cost40Cost63Cost04Cost63104Cost6314Cost Cost6314 45
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