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MKT 300
Jian Guan

YORK UNIVERSITY School of Administrative Studies AK/ADMS 3300 3.0, Decision Analysis Section “A” Thursday 7:00 - 10:00pm in CLH-F Section “B” Thursday 4:00 – 7:00pm in CLH-J Fall 2013 Course Director: Humayun Chaudhary E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Course Description: This course provides an introduction to decision analysis under conditions of certainty, uncertainty, risk and competition. Both single person and group decision making are covered. Problems from many areas of managerial decision making are considered. Prerequisite: AK/ADMS 2320 3.00 or AK/ADMS 3320 3.00 (prior to Summer 2005). Course Website: apadms3300a-03/Main.nsf Required Textbook: Clemen, R. and T. Reilly, Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools, Duxbury, 2001. Marking Scheme: 2 Quizzes 14 % 1 Assignment 6% Midterm Exam 30 % Final Exam 50 % Total 100 % Assignments 1. Assignments must include a cover sheet signed by each student. Assignments that do not include the signed cover sheet will not be accepted. The cover sheet will be provided with the assignment. 2. Please be advised that Assignments are due on the day and time designated at the BEGINNING of classes. Late assignments will NOT be accepted and no extensions will be granted. 3. Assignments must be TYPED (except for graphs). NON-TYPED Assignments will NOT be accepted. 4. Assignments are group work. Each group can be comprised of up to 3 students. Cheating will result in zero for all involved students and necessary disciplinary measures outlined in the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty will be applied . 5. EMAIL HAND-IN WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. General Policy 1. If you must miss a class, it is suggested that you try to obtain any missed notes from a classmate. NOT all class material will be available online. Please note that you are responsible for everything discussed in class (whether mentioned/included in the textbook or not). 2. Concerns regarding marks will not be accepted after a week from the posting of the result not from collecting the work. 3. Due to unavoidable circumstances if any lecture missed, make up lecture will be held on Saturday. 4. In case of a fire alarm, students are to get up instantly, collect their personal belongings and leave the building. (They should not wait until a Professor or an invigilator tells them to do so.) 5. Students will not be allowed to write the mid-term exam, final exam, quizzes or submit assignments, unless they are on the class list / sign in sheet. There will be no exceptions. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are properly enrolled. 6.Do not write the midterm or final exam if you do not feel well. Once you write an exam, the mark you receive will be used . 7. Missed Quizzes and Assignments - There will be no deferrals for quizzes and assignments. 8.In this course marked assignments and midterm are returned to the students, it is your duty to collect. After final exam is over will not be available. I usually bring marked material for only two weeks, if you didn’t collect and want to collect you need to send me email with your details and I will bring in next meeting. 9.Missed Midterm Due to Illness The only documentary evidence that will be accepted to support missing the midterm due to illness is the Attending Physician’s Statement available at the following link: This form must be completely filled out and legible. You must provide this completed document in a sealed envelope directly to your instructor at the first opportunity – such as class or office hours – following the midterm. Do not leave it with a faculty secretary or have it placed in the instructor’s mailbox. With acceptably documented justification of absence from the midterm, students will be required to write a more balanced comprehensive final than the rest of the class and will be worth 80% of the final grade. No additional formula sheet allowance will be given. 10. MISSED FINAL - Defe
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