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mkt chapter 7 exam

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MKT 300
Armand Gervais

Week 5 Chapter 7 Conceptualizing the leveraging process Creation of new Brand Association: links between a brand and feelings or perceptions that they have about a specific associations create a new perception for consumers about an existing brand Effects on existing brand knowledge: linking the brand to a new entity may not only create new brand associations to the entity but it might also affect exising brand associations aswell. What is true for the entity must also be true for the brand 3 important factors in predicting the extent of leverage from linking the brand to another entity: 1. awareness and knowledge of the entity: if consumers have no awareness or knowledge of the secondary entity than there iis nothing they can transfer from it. 2. Meaningfulness of the knowledge of the entity: given that the entity evokes some positive associations , judgments, or feelings is this knowledge relevant and meaningful for the brand? 3. Transferability of the knowledge of the entity: assuming that some potentially useful and meaningful associations, judgements, or feelings exist regarding the entity could possibly transfer to the brand how strongly will this knowledge actually become linked to the brand Company: three main branding options exist for a new product 1. create a new brand 2. adopt or modify and existing brand 3. combine and existing and new brand Country of origin and other geographic areas The geographic location from which the company/product originates may also become linked to the brand and generate secondary associations. Channels of Distribution A consumer may infer certain characteristics about a brand on the basis of where it i
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