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Armand Gervais

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If variable is not nominal and u have skewness…use non parametric Why to look at variance a) Correlation coefficient is when squared the percentage of variance in one Manova is different than anova because it has more variables than anova Anova means analysis of variance What colour are ur eyes and skewness of 3.25 – do nothing Skewness is response pattern either left/right of normal curve Practice questions exam 2 1. Circle skewness and kurtosis greater than +/-2… we need to investigate 3 cases 2. 3 3. (how many dollars spend per month at restaurant) the level of skewness is NOT sufficient to utilize non paremetric 4. The mean signifies the average amount spent on… 5. Slect the nominal and not nominal 6. Amount of people who answered the survey = N 7. Page 3 on output. Independent variable is gender 8. The total must add up to the total number of people surveyed 9. The levines test means if the variances are equal (equality of variance) the variance of the two groups is or is not similar (look at sig) it is over 0.05 10. The significance of the t test is or is significant.. must be less than 0.05 11. You read the top line for t test if the levines test is NOT significant… if levines test significance is LESS than 0.05 than you read th bottom line (equal variance is not
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