MKT 300 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dog Food, Operating Expense, Kraljevi Ulice

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19 Oct 2020

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If image does not load got to p&g annual report page 2 posted with this weeks lecture. Use information provided in the attached image to answer the following question. A marketing manager for p&g wants to calculate the worldwide value of the gillette brand in. He attributes 10% of corporate earnings to the gillette brand in 2012. The brand multiple is 12 times for fabric and home care products, 16 times for grooming products and 8 times for pet and health care products. The estimated brand contribution from 2010-2014 for beauty products is 80%, grooming products 80%, health care products 75%, fabric and home care products 60% and pet food products 50%. Calculate the worldwide brand value of gillette in 2012 using the brand z methodology. A marketing manager for p&g north america wants to calculate the moran brand equity index for the gillette brand.

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