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MKT 400 Final Exam Review

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MKT 400
Marla Spergel

PART 2- 80% of the questions will be from part 2-20% from Part1 Tuten Chapter 8 • social shopping, applications • Psychology of influence Chapter 4 • Networks: The Underlying Structure of Communities • Characters of on line communities • How ideas travel through communities • Social Capital • Basis of Social Power(sources) • Influence Chapter 3 • Social footprint • Your social brand • Diffusion of (Digital) Innovations • What we do Online • Why we login (common impulses) • Marketing Segmentation • Social Technographic Ladder • Pew Internet Technology Types Solomon Chapter 14- Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour • Values and Norms o Many values are universal o Such as family, health, happiness, and wisdom o What sets cultures apart  values are seen as being more important  Identify the core values for each culture  Example: Americans value freedom, youthfulness and achievement  Example: Japanese trade some independence for security • Marketing message can be appealing to one culture but not to another • Values set by your friends and family • You gain wisdom from people like your professors • Measuring cross cultural values: o Power distance: how members perceive differences in power when they form interpersonal relationships  In school o Uncertainty avoidance: degree to which people feel threatened by ambiguous situations o Masculine vs. feminine: when sex roles are defined  Opening an endrogienance store o Individualism vs. collectivism: culture values the welfare of the individual vs. that of the group o Individualism vs. collectivism: focus of future rewards or values linked to past and present • Norms: Rules dictating what is right or wrong • Enacted norms: explicitly decided on (example: green light=go) • Crescive norms: embedded in a culture and include: o Customs: norms handed down from the past that control basic behaviour o Mores: custom with a strong moral overtone o Conventions: norms regarding conduct of everyday life • ALL 3 CRESCIVE NORMS COMBINE TO DEFINE A CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR • How do these differ across cultures? o Europeans like dark chocolate o French like whiskey • Colour preferences and lucky number • Food culture: o Reflect the social group o Varied as countries o Recipes for international food • Myths and Rituals • When does global marketing work best • Emerging Consumer Cultures o Chapter 11-Consumers in their social and cultural settings • Types of reference groups o Cultural references, religious reference, references to where you dress • Anti brand communities o Refusing to buy things from other cultures o Joe fresh and the building collapsing in India for example  Going against the brand Going against rob ford • The power of reference groups • Group effects on consumer behavior • Types of opinion leaders • Word of mouth communications • Buzz building Chapter 10- Buying and Disposing • Issues related to Purchase and Post
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