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Marla Spergel

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Participation Assignment #5 Cultural Influences Every culture have their own values and norms. In that culture each person has their own personality. Here, I am going to share my experience with one of the obvious norms that can applied almost in every culture regardless of which country it is. Back in high school, in grade 10, I went for student exchange program in Italy. There, I met lots of new Italian friends and tried different kinds of food and really enjoyed learning about their culture. I was paired with one of the Italian students and basically I was supposed to be living with her family, go to class with her, hangout with her and her family. The first night, after I finished my dinner in their living room, I was thinking, I am an added member of their family right now and that means additional expense, I really should pay for my expense and that includes food. I can't just eat here for free every day. So, I went up and offered the mother cash for serving me
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