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Ryerson University
MKT 400
Marla Spergel

MKT400 Lecture 1January 9 2012 Notes from Class discussion Course outline walk throughToms Video o One for one campaign o People dont only buy it for the cause but also because of the styleCorporate social responsibilitybreast cancer campaign movember etc o Read up Understanding consumersHummer o What drives the consumer to purchase oneProve masculinityEgoStatusTough almighty cant push me around o Psychological aspect personality of people is so importantSocial media videoThings to doAdd Marla on LinkedInFollow on twitterLinkedIn discussion by the end of the weekBuy both textbooksRead chapters assigned for next weekRead up online component Notes from BlackboardWhat is marketingMarketing is a processall about change and reacting to changeInnovation and the diffusion of innovationSituation analysismarketing strategymarketing miximplement monitor adapt and renewrepeatThe purpose of a business is to create a customer o Hence the business enterprise has only two functions marketing and innovationCustomers have needs wants and demands o Needs states of self deprivation o Wants needs that are shaped by the consumers culture and their individual personality o Demands consumer wants that are combined with buying powerProductsservicesexperiences
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