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MKT 500
Tina West

MKT500 Marketing Research CHAPTER 6 Quantitative Data Collection Methods FOUR DATA COLLECTION MODES  Survey: interview with a large number of respondents using a predesigned questionnaire  four major modes of collecting survey information from respondents: (1)face-to-face survey without assistance from a computer, (2) person administrated survey with computer assistance, (3) self-administrated surveys, (4) combination of two or more of the above three modes PERSON-ADMINISTERED SURVEYS (WITHOUT COMPUTER ASSISTANCE)  Person-administered survey: interviewer reads questions, either face-to-face or over the telephone, to the respondent and records his or her answers  Advantages for person-administered surveys: o Feedback - real person interviewer may adjust questions according to verbal or nonverbal cues; or if respondent makes a comment, interviewer may jot it down as a side note to the researchers o Rapport - another human present to develop some rapport with the respondent, another person can create trust and understanding that nonpersonal forms of data collection cannot o Quality control - ensures respondents are selected correctly o Adaptability - adapts to respondent differences  Disadvantages of person-administered surveys: o Humans make errors - interviewers may ask questions out of sequence; may change wording of a question, consequently changing the meaning of the question altogether; or incorrectly record information provided by the respondent o Slow speed - slower than other modes; and paper and pencil surveys require additional time necessitates a separate data-input step to build a computer data file o High cost - using face-to-face interviewer more expensive than mailing questionnaire to respondents o Interview evaluation - presence of another person may create apprehension among certain respondents COMPUTER-ADMINISTERED SURVEYS  Computer-administered survey: computer technology plays an essential role in the interview work, either assisting an interview or interacts directly with the respondent  Advantages of computer-administered surveys: o Speed - speed allows for custom-tailored interviews to each respondent's circumstances and speed factor translates into cost savings o Error-free interviews - guarantees zero interviewer error o Use of pictures, videos, and graphics - computer graphics can show photos from various perspectives (wide range of visual displays) o Real-time capture of data - information is entered into a computer's data storage system and can be accessed for tabulation or other analyses at any time o Reduction of "interview evaluation" concern in respondents - belief that respondents will provide more truthful answers to potentially sensitive topics when interacting with a machine  Disadvantages of computer-administered surveys: o Technical skills required - requires considerable skill to ensure the systems are operational and free of errors  Viruses, software bugs, and hardware breakdowns must be diagnosed and remedied immediately o High setup costs - programming and debugging costs much be incurred with each survey SELF-ADMINISTERED SURVEY  Self-administered survey: respondent completes the survey on his or her own o There is no agent - human or computer - administering the interview  Advantages of self-administered survey: o Reduced cost - eliminates the need for an interviewer or an interviewing device such as a computer program o Respondent control - respondents control the pace at which they respond o No interview-evaluation apprehension  Disadvantages of self-administered surveys: o Respondent control - subject t the possibility that respondents will not complete the survey, will answer questions erroneously, will not respond in a timely manner, or will refuse to return the survey at all o Lack of monitoring - no opportunity to monitor or interact with respondent during the course of the interview MKT500 Marketing Research o High questionnaire requirements - must be thoroughly checked for clarity and accuracy before data collection begins MIXED-MODE SURVEYS  Mixed mode surveys: uses multiple data collection methods  Advantage of mixed-mode surveys: o Multiple advantages to achieve data collection goal - benefits from advantage of speed and low cost of online surveying as well as advantage of reaching total household population through telephone surveys  Disadvantage of mixed-mode surveys: o Mode affects response - questionnaire authors must assess differences in data collected to determine if data collection mode explains differences in responses to the research questions o Additional complexity - wordings of instructions for each research method must be different to accommodate those reading instructions they themselves are to follow versus someone else reading the instructions to the respondent DESCRIPTIONS OF DATA COLLECTION METHODS  Eleven different data collection methods used by marketing researchers  1 to 4 are person administered, 5 to 7 are computer administered, 8 to 10 self-administered PERSON-ADMINISTERED INTERVIEWS  Variations in differences are largely based on location of the location 1. In-home interview: interviewer conducts interview in respondent's home; appointments may be made ahead by telephone  Takes longer to recruit participants for in-home interviews, and researchers must travel to and from respondent's home  Two important factors justify high costs of in-home interview: researcher believes personal contact is essential to success of interview and convinced that in-home environment is conductive to questioni
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