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MKT 500
Tina West

MKT500 Marketing Research CHAPTER 10 Data Collection and Basic Descriptive Statistics ERRORS ENCOUNTERED IN THE DATA COLLECTION STAGE  Nonsampling errors: errors in research process involving anything except the sample size  Fieldworkers: individuals hired to administer the survey to respondents o Intentional fieldwork errors: interviewers deliberately falsify their work by, for example, submitting bogus completed questionnaires o Unintentional fieldwork errors: interviewers make mistakes such as those caused by fatigue, or lack of understanding of how to administer the questions  Respondent errors: errors committed by respondents when answering the questions in a survey o Intentional respondent errors: those committed when the respondent knowingly provides false answers or fails to give an answer o Unintentional respondent errors: occurs when respondent is confused, distracted, or otherwise inattentive DATA COLLECTION ERROR WITH ONLINE SURVEYS  Unless controls are in place, there can be misrepresentations in online surveys  Three data collection errors unique to online surveys o Multiple submissions: unless controlled, it is possible for a respondent to submit his or her completed questionnaire multiple times in a matter of minutes o Bogus respondents and responses by giving nonsense, polarized, or otherwise false responses o Population misrepresentation: some segments of the population are not good prospects for an online survey TYPES OF NONRESPONSE  Nonresponse: failure on the part of a prospective respondent to take part in the survey or to answer specific questions on the questionnaire  Three different types of potential nonresponse error: o Refusal: occurs when a potential respondent rejects the offer to take part in the survey o Break-off: occurs when respondent reaches a certain point and then decides not to answer any more questions of the survey o Item omission: signify that some respondents refused to answer a particular question o Completed interview: if sufficient number of questions are answered to allow the questionnaire to move into the data analysis stage, the interview can be considered completed CODING DATA AND THE DATA CODE BOOK  Data entry: creation of a computer file that holds the raw data taken from all of the completed questionnaires  Data coding: identification of computer code values that pertain to the possible responses for each question on the questionnaire o These codes are numerical because numbers are quick and easy to input  Data code book: identifies all of the variable names and code numbers associated with each possible response to each question that makes up the data set TYPES OF DATA ANALYSES USED IN MARKETING RESEARCH  Data set: matrix of numbers and other codes that includes all of the relevant answers of all respondents in a survey  Data analysis: process of describing a data set by computing a small number of measures that characterize the data set by computing a small number of measures that characterize the data set in a way that are meaningful to the client  Data analysis accomp
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