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Chapter 5 Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity.docx

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MKT 510
Ida Berger

MKT510 Innovations In Marketing CHAPTER 5 Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity NEW PERSPECTIVES ON MARKETING  New marketing environments has forced marketers to fundamentally change the way they develop their marketing programs  Integration and personalization have become increasingly crucial factors in building and maintain strong brands, as companies strive to use broad set of tightly focused, personally meaningful marketing activities to win customers INTERGRATING MARKETING  Channel strategies, communication strategies, pricing strategies, and other marketing activities enhance or detract from brand equity  Evaluate all possible means to create knowledge, considering efficiency, cost, and effectiveness  Contact: information-bearing experience that customer or prospect has with brand, product category, or market that relates to marketer’s product or service Personalizing Marketing  Experiential marketing: customer-focused marketing activity that create sensory-emotional connection to customers o Give different types of marketing experiences 1. Sense marketing – appeals to consumers’ senses 2. Feel marketing – appeal to consumers’ inner feelings and emotions, ranging from mildly positive moods linked to brand to strong emotions 3. Think marketing – appeals to intellect in order to deliver cognitive, problem-solving experiences that engage customers creatively 4. Act marketing – targets physical behaviours, lifestyles, and interactions 5. Related marketing – creates experiences by taking into a
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