MKT 700 Study Guide - Final Guide: Advertising Mail, Viral Marketing

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17 Apr 2014

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Chapter 11 transactions, triggers, and web sites. Incomplete actions: recipient has clicked through but not bought anything; send message offering free delivery for this week only: reactivations: register consumers haven"t opened their e-mails for months; send. Have we upset you message with an incentive: cross-selling: people have bought within the last day or two; send them complementary products. Types of websites: formal: cannot do business with this website; only respect and be impressed. Companies want you to know they are a successful, established business: shopping: everything is for sale; all products are displayed. Designed to feature the products that management is eager to sell: welcoming: designed for subscribers and customers; companies learn what you are interested in so they can help you; goal is to know and to serve you. Types of campaigns: promotional messages, newsletters, transaction e-mails, triggered messages, welcome messages, reactivation messages, thank you e-mails, surveys. Calculate open rate as unique opens divided by e-mails delivered.

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