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MKT 700
Richard Michon

2014-04-15 11:35 AM Chapter 11 – Transactions, Triggers, and Web Sites Types of Trigger Messages • Incomplete Actions: Recipient has clicked through but not bought anything; send message offering free delivery for this week only • Reactivations: Register consumers haven’t opened their e-mails for months; send “have we upset you” message with an incentive • Cross-Selling: People have bought within the last day or two; send them complementary products Types of Websites • Formal: Cannot do business with this website; only respect and b e impressed. Companies want you to know they are a successful, established business • Shopping: Everything is for sale; all products are displayed. Designed to feature the products that management is eager to sell. • Welcoming: Designed for subscribers and customers; companies learn what you are interested in so they can help you; goal is to know and to serve you Chapter 12 – Campaign Performance Measurement Types of Campaigns • Promotional messages • Newsletters • Transaction e-mails • Triggered messages • Welcome messages • Reactivation messages • Thank you e-mails • Surveys What Can You Measure in E -mail Campaigns? • Effectiveness of from/subject lines • Offer, copy, text placement, images, video • Opens, clicks, downloads, conversions, deliveries, unsubscribes • Demographics and geographics of recipients • Success of campaigns • Success of whole e-mail program • Value of opt-in e-mail address • Cost of delivered e -mail • Number of sales produced • Volume of sales produced • Profits from e-mail conversions • Effect of e-mails on offline sales • Conversions per campaign • Effectiveness of reactivation campaigns • Revenue per delivered e -mail • E-mails produced by store visits, catalogue purchases, website registrations • Return on investment How is an Open Calculated? • Unique opens divided by e -mails delivered – 50% of marketers • Total opens divided by e -mails delivered – 8% • Unique opens divided by e -mails sent – 15% • Four total opens divided by e -mails sent – 5%  Calculate open rate as unique opens divided by e -mails delivered Sources of New E -Mail Names • Web site visitors who register their e -mail addresses on site • Viral marketing subscribers who are recommended by friends • Online sales customers (Since you need an e -mail address to purchase something) • Store visitors who register their e -mail addresses while in your store • Catalog purchasers who give their e -mail addresses when buying • Reactivated customers who are enticed to come back after having disappeared/unsubscribed Data that Must Be Estimated • Website and viral subscription rate • Store visitors and their subscription rate • Catalog purchaser subscription rate • Direct mail sent to lost subscribers and reactivation rate • Average cost per sale • Percentage of offline sales from online promotions Chapter 13 – Analytics and Modelling Predictive Modelling Can Determ ine … • Which customers and pros pects are likely to buy, and which are unlikely to buy • Which customers are in danger of leaving you, and which are likely to stay • Which products they are more likely to buy Principles of Predictive Models • Prospects and cus
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