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Ryerson University
MKT 723
Armand Gervais

Chapter 1: Services are performances whose output is not physical, consumed at the time of produce and provides added value. Customers expect a high level of service with their physical products Employee satisfaction > Customer Satisfaction > Profit Characteristics of Services: Intangibles, Heterogeneity (No two are exactly alike), Simultaneous production/consumption, Perishability (Can’t be stored or returned) Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence, Process Chapter 2: The Customer Gap – Difference between the expectations and perceptions. Expectations source from price, advertising and sale promises as well as personal needs, word-of-mouth- and competitive offerings. Provider Gaps: 1. Not knowing what customers expect – Difference between expectations and understanding 2. Not having the right service designs and standards – Service designs that reflect perceptions of customers 3. Not delivering to service designs and standards – Discrepancy between standards and actual performance 4. Not matching performance to promises – Differences between delivery and external communications Chapter 3: Properties of consumer products: Search (Consumer can determine beforehand), Experience (Determined after purchase/consumption), Credence (Impossible to evaluate) Consumer Choice: Need recognition, Information search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase, Experience, Postexperience Chapter 4:  Desired level - Highest level of expected service  Zone of Tolerance – Tolerated/unexpected level. Smaller for unreliable services  Adequate level – Minimum level of acceptable service Influences of desired service levels are: Personal needs, and Philosophies Chapter 5: What determines customer satisfaction:  Product/service features  Customer emotions  Attributions for success or failure  Perceptions of equity or fairness  Word-of-mouth perceptions Customers judge quality on:  Reliability  Responsiveness  Assurance  Empathy  Tangibles Service encounter themes:  Recovery – Employee response to servi
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