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Weeks 1-6 Notes + Study Guide - Minstrelsy to Country Swing

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MUS 505
Gillian Turnbull

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Week 1Sunday February 12 2012954 PMMinstrelsyTin Pan AlleyEarly European settlers in the US brought music with them transmitted orally and documented onto sheet musicSongs became the foundations for much popularparlour songs through out the 19th centurySongwriters composed short catchy melodies tunesOften based on preexisting folk melodies and wellknown songsBallads were a form of popular musicWay of telling story set to a melodyStrophic Same music used for each verse but different lyricsPerformance contexts included private concerts larger classical venues life music in drinking establishments and outdoor gatherings for various purposesMusic largely geared towards uppermiddle class whiteHad disposable incomeSeen as social status marker if you can play an instrumentMinstrelsyAfrican slaves brought over their music bw 17th19th centuries to work for European land owners in North AmericaMinstrel shows white performers with black face paint blackface danced and sang in exaggeration of stereotypical portrayal of blacksDarken with burnt corkBlatant displays of racism by whitesJim Crow as first American hitSung by Thomas Rice along with cakewalk Cakewalk meant to imitate the ridiculousness of white dancing arm in armJim Crowblack person a noun a verb an adjective a comic way of lifeMinstrel show eventually adopted by the mainstream and became less subversive as time went on centered on independent sketches and songs based on predictable characters3 sectionsComic banter bw MC and endmen MrTamboBrother Bones followed by 1sentimental songs and promenade by whole companyOlio singing dancing and verse speaking2Finale entire cast performs3Black minstrel troupes not common until 1864Stephen FosterOne of first American song writersMinstrelsy light opera and folk songsballadsOh Susanna Beautiful Dreamer Massas in De Cold Ground My Old Ketucky Home Goodnight andJeannie with the Light Brown HairDIET Demographics Industry Economics TechnologyD MUS 505 Page 1 DRising middle class interested in Europeanderived musicGrowing sense of American nationalismEMiddle class purchasing music and instrumentsMore disposable incomeTIncreasing music publishingAllowed for faster manufacture of music and instrumentsSold to massesTin Pan AlleyStrip of music publishers collected on one street 28th in NYLater referred to industry itself and type of music written by pop songwriters of the eraPublishers hired composers and lyricists to create endless popular songsTo be sold as sheet music to publicFirst songs were simple versechorusAbout lost youth and loveGeared towards Irish black minstrel and vaudeville performersaudienceSongs in USA shaped by Jewish songwriterslyricistFirst millionselling sheet music songAfter the Ball 1892 Charles K Harris MUS 505 Page 2
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