NSE 112 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Peggy Mcintosh, Workplace Violence, White Privilege

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30 Jan 2016

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Describe the concepts of oppressed group behaviours, silencing the self, and horizontal violence in the context of. Has been used to describe certain groups (ex women in certain cultures, etc. ) Those who are dominant members feel that they must demonstrate oppressive behaviours to demonstrate their value. Traditional hierarchies of medicine at the top with nursing lacking power and control. Lack of control and power has been felt to be beneficial to medicine and to the efficient functioning of hospitals but detrimental for nursing. Nurses may feel devalued, viewed as handmaidens to physicians, or doubly devalued as a still-predominant female profession. Negative behaviours of nurses toward other nurses. May be aggressive, hostile, or destructive ( psychological harassment ) Known as bullying, lateral violence, nurse to nurse incivility/hostility. Words, non-verbal behaviours or actions that are intended as hostile, offensive or intimidating. May serve to interfere with practice, learning, teamwork and patient care in a clinical setting.

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