NSE 11A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Data Validation, Wu Xing, Cluster Analysis

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Week 1: nursing process & the roy adaptation model: discuss the five steps of the nursing process. Diagnosis: identifies client"s response to health problems. Implementation: nurse and health care team initiate treatment. Evaluation: looking back, reviewing what happened, outcomes etc: discuss the rationale for using it to plan care. Is a step by step guide, not a standard or a theory. Gives us a framework to make decisions. Helps organize documentation of client"s needs and plan of care. The nursing process is continuous and is used to write the actual nursing care plan: compare the np and a written nursing care plan. Helps to promote health within society is the goal of nursing. Values and beliefs about humans, environment, culture. Focus on the human experiences in response to illness and wellness: discuss the links that integrate each step of a nursing care plan. Humans goals are : survival, growth, reproduction, mastery, human environmental.