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NSE 11 - Notes for Weeks 1 - 6

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Week 11Discuss how Roys background influenced the development of her nursing ModelRoys roots of model lie in her personal and professional background She is committed to philosophic and cultural assumptions characterized by the general principles of humanism and by veritivity and cosmic unity Roy was influenced by studies in liberal arts and natural and social sciences Cosmic unity a philosophic view of reality which stresses the principle that people and the earth have common patterns and integral relationshipsVeritivity a principle of human nature that state a common purposefulness of human existence 2Identify Roys philosophic scientific and cultural assumptionsScientific AssumptionsSystems theory Holism Interdependence control processes information feedback complexity of living systems adaptationlevel theory behavior as adaptive adaptation as a function of stimuli and adaptation level individual dynamic adaptation levels positive and active processes of respondingPhilosophicHumanism creativity purposefulnessholism interpersonal process veritivity purposefulness of human existence unity of purpose activity creativity value and meaning of lifePhilosophic assumptionsPhilosophy itself means finding meaning through analysis and sharing beliefs values and goals Humanism is defined as the broad movement in psychology and philosophy that recognizes the individual and subjective dimensions of human experiences as a center of knowing and valuing Vertivity for Roy is a rootedness of all knowledge being one In veridity society is viewed as a unity of a human kind activity and creativity for the common good and value and meaning of life Roy believes that individuals stand united in a common destiny and find meaning in mutual relations with each other the world and a GodfigureScientific assumptions Systems of matter and energy progress to higher level of complex self organization Awareness of self and environment is rooted in thinking and feeling Human decisions are accountable for integration of creative processes Thinking and feeling are the reasons for human actions People on earth have common patterns and integral relations Human and environment meanings result in adaptationCultural assumptionsExperiences within a specific culture will influence how each element of the RAM model is expressed There are concepts in culture that can influence all or some elements of RAM
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