NSE 31A/B Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: District Nurse, School Nursing, Nursing Ethics

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Chapter 1: the history of community health nursing pp. Canadian nurse historian margaret allemang (2000) traces introduction of community oriented nursing to 17th century new france and duchesse d"aiguillon sisters, who established essential health care and carried out work in homes, hospitals, and communities . Gibbon and mathewson (1947) chronicled the contributions of the french on providing earliest forms of organized community health nursing. Allemang (2000) further refers to the grey nuns as canada"s first community nursing order". Marie rollet herbet work incl. relationships with aboriginal people and how she learned about health and healing, incl. the value of evergreen trees as a source of vitamin c during long winter months". Canada"s first nurse is most often identified as jeanne mance (1606-1673: mance received practical training in france then was confronted by the political, social, and economic forces in canada to establish range of community health services incl.

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