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Fall Week 8 - Examining Sampling Plans

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Fall Week 8 Examining Sampling PlansNovember27101046 PMWhat is SamplingThe process of selecting a portion of the population that represents the entire population to participate in a studyWhy sample Because its too expensive and time consuming to study everyoneQualitative researchers select participants who will help them get an indepth understanding of the phenomenon of interestQuantitative researchers select samplesthat enable them to generalizefindings to a larger groupBasic Sampling ConceptsA populationis the entire aggregation of cases that meet specified criteriaeg all individuals under the age of 30 diagnosed with schizophrenia in Calgary It may not always be humans it could be records or institutions etcResearchers especially quantitative specify the characteristics that establish the limits of the study population through theeligibility criteria or inclusion criteria They establish these criteria to determine whether a person qualifies as a member of the populationQuantitative researchers sample from an accessible population in the hope of generalizing to a target population The target population is the entire population in which the researcher is interestedThe accessible population comprises cases from the target population that are accessible to the researcher as a pool of subjectsExample The researchers target population may be all patients with diabetes in Canada but in reality the population that is accessible might consist of patients with diabetes who receive care at a particular clinicSampling is the process of selecting a portion of the population to represent the entire population A sample is then a subset of the populationIt is more practical to work with a sample rather than a pop
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