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Nutrition and Food
FNN 100
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Nutrient Function Absorption Excretion Bio Avail sources deficiency toxicity RDAEAR AI UL Fun Facts Mg Day HyperclacemiaReleased from Due to Factors effecting bone formation EAR food overconsumptioabsorption intracellular messenger Dairy productsOsteoporosis n of 1950cofactor enzyme involved Urine 70 Vit D Increases with Hypertension supplements 800 in blood clotting FecesIntestinal transit time intake BUT 30 Dairy Colon cancer nerve impulse Sweat Brassica genus 1950Life cycle stage efficiency Products Lead Loss of muscletransmission Ski ie broccoli 2500Decreased RDA Calcium decreasespoisoning tone hormone regulation Nails kalemgday stomach acid Men Osteopenia Constipation Blood pressure regulation 60 almonds Differing intestinal DiffusionIncreased Large urine 1970Skeleton contains 1100mgday fortified foods absorption ratesfracture risk output 800 1500 gfish wbonesActive transferNausea Requirement increases Women requiring pro Confusionwith agecarrier coma1950Death 800 Hyperphosphatemia Is unknown Adults55Protein rich foods HypophosphAffects Ca ATP 70 Cereal grains atemia balance lowers Mgday Activate hormones NO adaptive All animal tissueCa level inEAR Location in body Phosphorylation mech ESPECIALLY muscle blood Men Via 970Buffer acidbase Small intestine Good LIVER weakness Calcification in 1910 muscle Phosph kidneys 1504 4gday Support growth children Some activeSunflower seeds anorexia kidney 700 8085 bonesReplace excretory losses transport Processed foods anemia May interfere mgdaywomen Nucleic acids facilitated by Colas soft pone pain with Iron 1124 Almost all enzymes VIT D drinks rickets kids Copper ZincSpinach broccoli osteomaladulabsorption ts With end stage renal diseaseNutrient Function Absorption Excretion Bio Avail sources deficiency toxicity RDAEAR AI UL Fun Facts Location in body Rare Bone mineralization Widely available EAR RDA AI Associated Diarrhea 530 27 muscle Enzyme cofactors Absorbed in plant andwith hypotension mgday 53 bones Used in anaerobic energy quickly animal foods Men GI disorder nausea OVER 9 20 soft tissue generation glycosis 5060 Legumes seed Malabsorption vomiting 1930 400 mgday YRSCa channel blocker in cells absorbed with nuts green leafy Magnesium 50 syndromes flushingNeeded for ATP high intakeveg Women Diabetes personality related to Mg is transported metabolism small and large Milk cereal Alcoholism change cardiac 1930 310 mgday supplemeunder hormonal Blood clotting intestine halibut meatExcess complications nts control including Helps regulate bpeggsdiuretic use coma death ONLY activated Vit D Supports immune function Hard water Maintain blood Ca and PMalabsorption Enhances absorption by disorderssmall Intestinecrohns Acts as a hormoneInfluenced by Found in disease liver HypervitaminosiSUN Unknown other rolessunscreen skin very few failures D affects RDA Fish liver oils NON ESSENCIAL Inhibits inflammatory pigmentation foodssecondarykidney bond 17015 fatty fish fat from CAN BE responses location on Mostly Age reduces digestive and aquatic mcgday9 100 SYNTHESISE Vitamin D May play a role in earth dark skin comes skiing ability CNS hearth mammals 70 20mcgdayTHROUGH BODYautoimmune diseases people need 4from to make Vit D Increase blood fortified milk mcgdayUnits used are MS arthritis type 1 6 x longer synthesis secondary Ca and Pcerealmicrograms ug diabetesexposure of sunlightdiseaseSUPPLEMENT Linked to lower allcase Accelerates S mortalityosteoporosis NNEDS MORE Decrease in EVIDENCE blood Ca
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