PCS 581 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ordovician, Gravitational Time Dilation, Astronomy And Astrophysics

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3 Apr 2017

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Monday april 3rd, 36%, 30 questions, 5 calculations. Small > red giants> planetary nebula> white dwarf. Large> red super giant> supernova> either neutron star or black hole. Core collapse: iron core help by edp, energy is released. Center is a hot white neutron star. Visiting paperclip: paper clip made of neutron star= weight of mount everest, life of neutron stars is 10 mintues, decays very quickly releasing a ton of energy. Neutron star density: crust is protons and electrons, inner core is pure neutrons under great pressure, mass is 1. 5 times the sun, diameter is 2 miles wide. Discovery of neutron stars: 1967 be jocelyn bell noted fluctuating radio waves, her supervisor got the credit, nobel prize, occurred exactly every 1. 337301 seconds. Spin down: accurate clocks, change very slowly over time, em radiation slows rotation, slowly rotation due to a weakening magnetic field.