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PHL 214
Julien Beillard

FINAL EXAM REVIEW Chapter 5 Irrelevant Premises  Equivocation o Use of a word in two different senses in an argument  Only man is rational. No woman is a man. Therefore, no woman is rational.  Appeal to Ignorance o Arguing that a lack of evidence proves something  No one has shown that ghosts aren’t real, so they must be real  Appeal to emotion o Persuade someone of a conclusion solely by arousing their feelings  You should hire me for this job. If you don’t, I won’t be able to pay for my mother’s heart medication.  Red Herring o Deliberate raising of an irrelevant issue during an argument Unacceptable Premises  Begging the Question o Using the conclusion of an argument as a premise o Often says the same thing, but using different words  False Dilemma o Asserting that there are only two options when there are more o Asserting that there are two distinct options which may not be mutually exclusive (or not independent of each other)  Slippery Slope o To argue, without good reason, that taking one step will inevitably lead to a further, undesirable step  Hasty Generalization o Drawing a conclusion about a whole group  Faulty Analogy o Arguing that because two things are similar in one respect, they must be similar in another Chapter 6
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