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PHL 302
Glen Hoffmann

RYERSON UNIVERSITY Department of Philosophy PHL302 (011): Ethics and Healthcare Fall 2009 SECOND QUIZ FORMAT Date: Friday, November 6, 2009 (start of class) Duration: One hour Value: 20% of your overall grade Format: You will be asked to answer five short-answer questions. Two questions will be worth 3 marks, one question will be worth 4 marks, and two questions will be worth 5 marks. The questions will mostly ask you to define, explain, analyze, andor apply key theories or concepts studied in the course. Material to Cover: This quiz is not cumulative, meaning you will not be responsible for all the material covered since the beginning of the course. You will only be responsible for the material covered since the first quiz. This includes the required reading material, the lectures, and the lecture notes. The main topics you shou
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