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PHL 606
James Cunningham

Class 9 The 3 good is closely attached o the 2 good, the3rd good couldn’t exists without the second good… 2 good is someone and expert meeting your needs When you have someone meeting your needs, you live longer… Men that are not married live shorter … What would make men making capable of loving? (ties in with dwarkin) A man capable of loving would start of as a boy, to whom their mother was very loyal… What is loyal? Someone who doesn’t betray… Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution: "he remained loyal to the government". The mother protects the son… What would the mother have to do? The needs of the son are the important needs… The father being jealous of the son…inspires the father to be better… She protected her children…by standing up to their father… From dwarkins perspective…for women to turn men into human beings… The deal is do you want to be part of this relationship? You change or you leave… Men can’t change, or they’re damaged…the reason for divorce… Growing apart? Means they don’t spend a lot of time together…and once they get home they feel tired… Loves bond is born of 2 people meeting each other’s needs…. This is what causes divorce…people grow apart and live separate lives… Intimacy (sharing my feelings, thoughts with them) why do people cheat…to push the other person away… (Emotional intimacy that is…) Why do people fight? Intimacy… You get help when you don’t know what to do…(friends. But most of us don’t pick our friends well…even same for family)
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