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Ottilie Kate Grisdale

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PLN FINAL: 1. Describe the steps involved from the appearance of an action potential at a synapse to force production in a muscle 2. What two factors affect the amount of tension produced when a skeletal muscle contracts? i. Tension produced by the stimulation of muscle fibres ii. # of muscle fibres (motor units) stimulated 3. What two mechanisms are used to generate ATP from glucose in muscles cells? 4. Compare and contrast the structural and functional characteristics of skeletal and smooth muscle. 5. What is the functional difference among voltage – gated, chemically gated, and mechanically gated channels? 6. What is meant by salutatory propagation? How does it differ from continuous propagation? 3 Types of Muscles: 1. Skeletal; moves body muscle via muscle fibre functional: skeletal movement posture and body position supports body tissue Guard entrances and exits maintains core temperature Structural: ->consists of fascicles, which has bundles of muscle fibres (muscle fibres are made outta myoblasts represented through nucleus, which rep fused myoblasts (satellite reps unfused myo)) ->muscle tissue is closed by the epimysium ->each muscle fibre is separated by perimysium (which consists of blood vessels + nerves) ->facicles consists endomysium (which contain satellite cells; as well mitochondria, nuclei on the myoblasts & other organelles) ->Transverse tubules carry action potential (has the electrical impulse) ->sarcomers: units tht have thick (myosin) + thin (actin) filaments + regulatory protein + stabilizing protein Myofilaments: ->I band: Thin filament, actin, has troponin (tropomyosin interact to prevent/turn on contraction) ->A band: thick, myosin ->Z line: boundary b/w adjacent sarcomeres ->H line: Region of thin filaments ->M line
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