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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Hartt Laurinda

-1SAMPLE Politics and Film Test 1, Winter 2013 Instructor: Laurinda Hartt-Fournier This 45-minute test is out of a total of 50 points and consists of 10 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each, a combination multiple choice/ short answer question for a total of 16 points, and 8 short answer questions worth various points each (the number of points will be shown with the question). The grade weight of this test is 20% of your final grade in this course. Please read with care the instructions below regarding the multiple choice questions and the short answer question you will encounter in the exam (and make certain that you read each question carefully before responding): Ÿ Make sure you print and sign your name (like you do on the attendance sheet in each class) at the top right of the front page of this exam. Ÿ Read each question with care, making sure that you UNDERSTAND what is being asked and, in the case of the multiple choice questions, take equal care with reading what your various choices are. Watch for details in the wording of each possible answer that might disqualify that answer as the correct choice (for example, some of the choices may be fictitious, as a means of testing whether you can recognize the correct answer among them; some answers may have two parts and one part might be incorrect, thus rendering the whole answer less correct than another choice in which all parts are correct). Ÿ Select the answer you believe to be the MOST accurate of the choices offered and then CIRCLE the LETTER (not the entire answer) at the left of your selected answer. Ÿ Each of the multiple choice questions offers four or more possible answers, some of which may be offered on the next page, so check to make sure you have read all the choices before selecting the one you circle. Ÿ In some instances, there may be two or more answers that are correct, BUT DO NOT CIRCLE BOTH OR ONE of them; instead, look for an answer that offers a choice that acknowledges all the correct answers, for example: B) BothAand D are correct; or C)A,B, D and E are correct. IFYOU CIRCLE MORE THAN ONE LETTER per question, you will receive a ZERO for that question. Ÿ If you accidentally circle two letters OR if you change your mind as to which of the answers is the best choice, MAKE THE CHANGE CLEAR (cross out the letter in question or erase the circle if you are using pencil and then make sure your new selection is clearly marked, even if you put an arrow next to the new circle and write “This is the one!” Ÿ Please do NOT write anything in the left hand margin, especially the selected letter for your multiple choice answer, or corrections to that choice. That margin needs to be left open for grading purposes. Ÿ PLEASE USE PEN FOR YOUR SHORTANSWER RESPONSE andAVOID tiny squished together writing!! You will be given plenty of room to write your answer. Keep it short, to the point but with supportive explanation and example(s) if asked. If you write tiny and in pencil, I may refuse to read and mark it. Seriously. Use a pen and make it legible! NOTE: This is a sample Test 1; it is not a full test, but offers you the overall instructions page, the basic layout and a number of examples of the type multiple choice and short answer questions that will be offered on the actual Test 1 which will consist of 7 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each for a total of 14 points, a question that blends multiple choice and short answer formats (worth a total of 16 points) and 8 short answer questions of various point value worth a total of. The full test is out of 50 points but will be graded weighted at 20% of your final mark in this course. QUESTIONS 1) Which of the following is NOT one of the five filters of news
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