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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Laurinda Hartt- Fournier

Lecture #1 after Test 1 Back to God’s Country  Conflict between the patriarchal society and the ascendant role of women during the suffrage  In around 1919, various countries around the western world were finally allowing women to vote  Shows the conflict of women getting legal help and were becoming a vital part of the society  American male who is trying to present a Victorian idea of women who are potential victims of society who must be saved by men  The co-writer is trying to show a stronger woman role, you can see moments where she is completely defensive, and other times where she takes off her shawl and dives into the river  Husband has been injured, he has never rescued her9  No one comes to her rescue except her  The hero in the film is the dog, at the climactic moment she is control of the dog and makes him behave the way he does (constant contradiction of strong male and weak female) Going down the road  “I know it can get better the farther I can go” lyrics  The clear answer later: no it won’t  Many scenes of a man exciting and smiling, laughing in a car  The car is stopped on the side of the road, the tire needs work.. you see the driver using a flat iron – first reality  The passenger who was seen smiling is now frustrated and states that the reason they left is because they would only get a buck and a half an hour. They believe that they can do better in another place – earn more for a better job  “There will be so much there we won’t know where to begin  They get to Toronto  A relative offered to put them up, however the relative and his wife are now looking out and they are embarrassed because they have risen above their past and their past has come to haunt them – another reality .. shows disparity between regions in Canada  Pete (the passenger) is in a telephone booth late at night calling up a friend who had promised him a job before they headed to Toronto but can no longer do it – says they picked a bad time to come – he is even out of a job  They also cannot stay at the man’s place and he tells them to go to the Salvation Army for the night, and they do  Pete gets a hold of a newspaper in the Salvation Army hostel and notices a bunch
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