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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Mary Olavson

TAKE HOME FINALEXAM, POLITICSAND FILM, CPOL128, Winter 2014 Instructor: Laurinda Hartt-Fournier Department of Politics and PublicAdministration, Ryerson University Posted online on Blackboard under Course Documents as of April 14th, 2014 and due no later than TuesdayApril 22nd, 11:59 pm by email to [email protected] (as an attached Word doc or docx, or rtf or pdf file. NO odt format files PLEASE!) IMPORTANT: Unless you receive a confirmation email that your exam arrived and opened, submission will not be considered successful. Just emailing it and disappearing risks a zero out of 25% if I do not actually receive it or if it won’t open. Part One: Fill in the Blanks --15 fill in the blanks question with and without word banks, worth 2 points each, for 30 points; Part Two: Interpellation (RSAs and ISAs with identification and explanation)--10 questions worth 3 points each (one point for the correct selection and 2 points for identification and explanation) for a total of 30 points; Part Three: Connotative and Denotative Meanings--10 questions worth 2 points each for a total of 20 points; Part Four: Multiple Choice--10 questions worth 1 point each for a total of 10 points. Part Five: Short Answer questions—2 questions worth 5 points each for a total of 10 points. OVERALLREQUIREMENTS REGARDING THIS EXAM (IFYOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE CAREFULLY, YOU COULD LOSE MARKS): * Submit by due date (see above) as an email attachment in ONE of the following formats: doc, docx, pdf or rtf file (I cannot open any “odt” format file) and then check your Ry email to make sure that I received the document and it opened (until that happens, you have not successfully submitted your test and a zero could be assigned. Put your name in the document’s name when you save it. * MAKE SURE YOUR NAMEAND SECTION NUMBERARE TYPED ON THE TOPOFTHIS DOCUMENT WHEN YOU SUBMIT THE COMPLETED DOCUMENT. SUBMIT THE WHOLE DOCUMENT, NOT JUST THE QUESTIONSANDANSWERS. * There will be no late penalties BUT if your assignment is overdue by more than two full days after the due date, it may not be accepted. * Make sure you read the questions carefully and answer everything that is asked for and only what is asked for each question (whether in Part One, Two, Three or Four). * IF you do NOT understand what a question is asking, I can help clarify it (email me at [email protected] ), so don’t leave it unanswered. I can only explain the wording and intent of the question, though; I cannot define concepts you are meant to know and apply yourself. * THIS IS NOTAGROUPPROJECT ORAN ONLINE RESEARCH PROJECT! Ryerson plagiarism and cheating regulations (rules of Academic Misconduct) are in place for this exam even though you will not be submitting this to Turnitin. If there is even a hint that people have shared answers, those people will each receive and F (zero)in the exam and will be contacted for an explanation; if substantial evidence of plagiarism (whether from fellow students or online sources (other than viewing films such as In The Shadow of Gold Mountain or Kanhesatake: 270 tears of Resistance on the NFB website which IS allowed), library resources (other than viewing the films on reserve--which IS allowed) it will be referred to Ryerson‘sAcademic Integrity Office. DO NOT RISK THIS. It is NOT worth it and is potentially seriously damaging for your academic career. THE EXAM: PART ONE: Fill in the Blanks (2 marks for each question, even when it has two or more parts to it; for a total of 30 points): 1. In the context of this course and as discussed in lecture, what do the letters IRS stand for? __________________________________________ 2. What ideological voice is the main perspective (during most of the film) in Elijah? (Remember, it’s not a single person): ____________________________________ 3. What is another term 0ne word) for “taking back” or “returning the gaze”? _____________________________________ 4. What is another name for the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 that reflects the Canadian government’s policy regarding Chinese immigration in 1923? ____________________________________________ 5. What is the genre of the film Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance? ________________________________ 6. What is the form of the film Elijah? ________________________________ 7. According to our text (Gittings), the 1988 Multicultural Act (which officially and legally defined Canada as a multicultural nation), conflicts with the continuing official designation of Canada as a _________________________ nation. Select the ONE term below that most accurately describes this other official view of Canada as a nation and fill in the blank OR highlight it: White bicultural/bilingual French English diverse multilingual none BONUS Question (for 3 bonus marks)--Name the three sub-groups within Canada’s first founding culture, using their actual names NOT their colonized names: 1) __________________________________ 2) __________________________________ 3) ___________________________________ 8) The last word of the title of the film Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance, indicates the film’s ideological perspective of a 270-year history. What could have been another word that indicates what was being resisted? Select the ONE word below that answers this question most accurately and fill in the blank OR highlight your choice: Answer: __________________________________________________________ colonization genocide IRS hegemony deportation appropriation expropriation 9) The Meech Lake Accord was, according to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney during a speech included in the film Elijah, an effort “to bring Quebec into the Canadian _____________________ family”, after it’s 1982 refusal to sign off on the newly repatriated Constitution. Select the ONE missing word from the list below and fill in the blank OR highlight your choice: Anglo-Saxon English federal constitutional hegemonic democratic 10) What international organization founded in 1945, do the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UNDRIP have in common and why? Name (for one mark): __________________________________ Explanation of what the two documents have in common (in one sentence; one mark): 11) In the film Elijah, what tools of the colonizer did Elijah Harper use to “take back” the voice and power of the aboriginal peoples of Canada? Select ALL the groups of words that apply, and fill in the blank OR highlight your choices: ___________________________________________________________ “point of order” police car blockade land claims the media an eagle feather 12) In Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance we are shown a history of the oppression and relocation of the Mohawk community before and after they were relocated to the community of Kanehsatake. In that history segment we are shown the Catholic Church (an ISA of religion) more than once calling in the assistance of which four components of what Althusser refers to as the RSA (name the four below, keeping mind that this list excludes the military actions involved in wars and colonization shown during this segment and in the rest of the film, that is it excludes the British military winning the 7 Years War and it excludes the sending in of military troops during the 1990 Oka Crisis.): 1) ________________________________ ½ mark 2) _________________________________ ½ mark 3) _________________________________ ½ mark 4) __________________________________ ½ mark 13) As discussed in lecture, in Les Ordres, who is the protagonist (once called the “hero”, this term refers to the central character of the film around whom all the film’s action unfolds)? (One mark for each part of the question, for a total of 2 marks) and explain your answer: Answer: ___________________________________________ Explanation (one sentence): 14) In the film Elijah, what special gift did a (5 or 6 year old First Nations girl request from Elizabeth Harper (Elijah Harper’s wife) and what was the disturbing implication of this request? a) The requested gift (be specific; no sentence required) One Mark: ___________________ b) What it was its disturbing implied meaning? (one mark) (one sentence): 15) How do the Boudreau children (three girls, roughly from the age of 8 to 15) respond to the distress of watching their mother be arrested in Les Ordres? Select all that apply (you can highlight them rather than trying to write them all in the blank): ____________________________________________________________________________ They yell at the policeOne holds onto her mother’s sweater They stare defiantly at the police They cry silently One rocks in a chair while holding her knees tightly to her chest ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART TWO: Althusser’s Interpellation Theory (RSA and ISAs and an Explanation) Here below are 10 of the Althusserian RSA/ISA “which is it” questions (based on Althusser’s lists of RSA components and ISAs). HIGHLIGHT ONE of the choices: RSA, ISA, neither or both). If you select more than one choice, you will receive a zero for that answer. Worth 3 points each (one point for the correct selection and 2 marks for a BRIEF one sentence explanation that must indicate which specific ISA or RSA it represents and why you chose it--see note in first question below). (If you choose the option of BOTH, you need to identify and explain your choice of both specific RSA component and ISA). For a total of 30 points: 1) Elijah Harper, when he voted down an attempt to table the Meech Lake Accord for consideration in the Manitoba Legislature, was an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation (see what is required as described above): 2) When Clermont Boudreau corrects the pronunciation of his name and steps forward to pick up his personal effects after being held without charge for 16 days, he is speaking to an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation: 3) The “Head Tax” was part of a law established by an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation: 4) Marie Boudreau is an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation: 5) The Roman Catholic Church (in the role they played in both the colonization of Canada’s aboriginal peoples and in the Residential School policy in Canada) was an: ISA RSA component both neither Explanation: 6) Elijah Harper, during the time he joined the NDP and ran for election but prior to his election to office, was an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation: 7) The Mohawks of Kanehsatake were (and still are) an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation: 8) Doctor Jean-Marie Beauchemin was an: ISA an RSA component neither both Explanation: 9) The Residential School attended by Elijah Harper in the film Elijah was an: ISA RSA component neither both Explanation: 10) The game that Elijah played (and won) in the Winnipeg school yard) in the film Elijah was an : ISA an RSA component neither both Explanation: PART THREE: Connotative and Denotative Meanings (10 very short answer questions worth 2 points each for a total of twenty). Keep your answers short BUT in sentence form. You will be given a description of a shot or scene from a film shown recently in class and will be asked to state either its denotative meaning or connotative meaning or BOTH, so read each one carefully and provide what is asked for. Do NOT repeat the question in your
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