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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

WAG THE DOGmovieAbout reelecting the president Shortly before an election a spindoctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war in order to cover up a presidential sex scandalCreate the appearance of a war with Albania A woman claimed sexual misconduct with the president Current president vs NealThey shot a commercialshort scene that the press releases nationally The other candidate ended the war before the real president ended itThey chose to continue the war story by creating a HeroThe Hero has a message that says courage momThe person that they chose as the hero is a convict with mental problems Complications occur and old shoe is deadThey have a funeral for him he gets shoot when he goes after a womanModernTimesCharlieChaplinCharliechapmandoesnttalkworksatafactoryThereisonevoicespeakingThecompanywantstoincreasethespeedandefficiencyoftheirworkersTheytestoutafeedingmachineThereareproblemswiththemachineandthefoodandmachinehithimSoupcorndessertandappetizersThereisalotofmovedandexpressionsTheconstantworkandconstantmovementmakeshimcrazyCharliehasnojobleavesthehospitaltostartanewlifeParticipatesinaprotestandthepolicethinkhestheleadersThegaminachildatthewaterfrontwhorefusestogohungryHerlittlesistersmotherlessFatherisunemployedCharlieisinjailheldasacommunistleaderTheguywithhiminjailsewsTheguywontsharethebreadSearchingfornosepowderabadguyputsthenosepowderinthesaltshakerCharliehelpssavethepoliceJailguardsfromtheoffenderswhotrytolockthemupTheorphansfathergetsshotThelawtakeschargeoftheorphansTheministerandhiswifepaytheirweeklyvisitThewifeandCharliesitonabenchdrinkingteaandCharliehasgasCharlieisfreeandgivenalettertohelpgetworkCharlieeatsanddoesntpayforitsohecangotojail
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