POL128 Lecture Notes BEFORE Midterm Test

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

POL128 Politics from word Polispeople Athens first democracy 1 Decisionmaking mechanism for society to allocate resources 2 System for conflict resolution to satisfy as many people as possiblepeace or else many angry peoplerevolution 3 Authoritative allocation of values 4 Search for just societybetter society p 18 definition in bookBaghdad is oldest for agricultureEmpirical VS Normative methods Empirical NormativeFact based then draw conclusionFactbasedethicsmorals understandingLooks at world ought to bechangeLooks at world as it isIdealisticRealistic Eg Plato do things best suited for KarlEg Aristotle Machiavelli wrote Prince Marx communism book Statistics CanadaPowerability to get what you want regardless of the wants of others 1 Influencethrough persuasion appeal to reasonemotions 2 Coercionforce or threat of force 3 Authoritylegitimacyobligation citizens go with legitimate government willingly Political Authority Max Weber3 sources of political authority 1 Traditional like a king by birth divine power of kings inheritance 2 Charismaticpersonality compel others 3 LegalRationalthrough office voting political parties State VS Nation Stateinstitutions of power Nationpeople with common identityCan exercise forceBased on culturalrace history ethnicity nationalismEg Parliament court police military bureaucracyElements o Population o Territory o Sovereignty independence culture government
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