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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 220
Arthur Ross

Politics NotesNovember 4 2009Final Essay Exam y One mandatory essay on all material will be told in advance y Second essay on material since our midterm choose 1 of 34 questionsWrite the answer to questions with the information givenAnswers should reference readings from bookAdvantagesDisadvantages of the following 1 Social inequality 2 GenderWellBeing and Opportunity3 EthnoRacial Identityvulnerable 4 Immigration protectedSocial Construction of RacismIs there empirical evidence NOHow is racism acquired It is learnedSystemic racismIs expressed through individual basisIndividuals are victims of terms of different treatment of discrimination based on laws or individual bias and effects individual wellbeing and opportunity46 of all immigration came to Canada and experienced discrimination based on ethnoracial identityIncreasingly evident that immigration contributed to diversity and construction of multiethnicity in Canada is also exclamation for fact that reconsidering immigration will not save wellbeing and opportunity thatimmigrants enjoyedDiversity of students in classroomPledge to promote educational equality Complex relationship between ethnoracial identity andSuccessOVERHEADSfind material in the reader Largely selective immigration based on their contribution to economy of CanadaBased on ethnoracial identity 1960 selection of Immigrantscontribution to Canadian economyAre they like uso European o British o WhiteChristian History of racial exclusion hierarchy of preferenceWanted with least amount oflaw of second We were racist
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