PSY 105 Study Guide - Substantia Nigra, Long-Term Memory, Basal Ganglia

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Three box model of memory for memoral storage / information. Processing model: sensory memory - if we don"t pay attention we lose it, short-term memory. Short term memory a place where information is kept for a few seconds but less than a minute: we can work with material that we may not ever remember again. It will vanish in 13-18 seconds: example: phone number. If you want to remember something, use the technique of rehearsal: rehearsal: process of keeping info in short-term memory by mentally repeating. Implicit - influence of past experiences: it is also called non-declarative, there are about 3 forms of it. Ex: forgetting how to ride a bike but once you get on, your body knows what to do. Priming - prior exposure to info influences what you do in the future. Ex: exposure to many words and forgetting what you saw - exposure to information: brain structure in implicit memory, classical conditioning of fear.

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