PSY 105 Study Guide - Final Guide: Myc, Systematic Desensitization, Drug Overdose

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28 Sep 2015

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Is defined as lasting change as a result of practice, study, or experience. Intermittent reinforcement- behavior is only followed by reinforcement some of the time: behaviors are harder to extinguish. Intermittent reinforcement schedule: ratio schedule, fixed ratio- reinforcement occurs after a foxed number of responses. High rate of responding but with pauses. b: variable ratio- reinforcement occurs after an unpredictable, average number of responses. Interval schedule: fixed interval- reinforcement occurs after a fixed time has elapsed, variable interval-reinforcement occurs after varying lengths of time. Vii: direct reinforcement is not essential for learning. When the treat is introduced after the rats explore the maze, the error rate drops sharply, indicating that learning occurred all along: spatial navigation learning- learning that involves forming associations among stimuli relevant to navigating in space. Information about the environment is gained while casually exploring. Information (latent learning) is later used to find quickest route.