PSY 105 Final: PSY 105 Chapter 7 Flashcards

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28 Sep 2015

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They told themselves i said the experiment was fun because i was getting paid to say that . Therefore, these participants experienced little or no: are people honest about their attitudes? than weak or vague attitudes, one reason why attitudes fail to predict behavior is that people often misinterpret their attitudes. There were 2 groups: one group hooked to a non-working polygraph looking machine and the other group weren"t: results: people that were hooked to the bogus pipline, answered more honestly and they reported performing socially sensitive behaviors frequently. However, people paid had no justification for their behavior and experienced marked discrepancy and uncomfortable feeling of dissonance. This test consists of three stages: first, a person is exposed to two broad categories- say, These words are again fairly obvious, such as. Well how about ? : appeals to fear ads make it seem like something bad will happen to you if you don"t comply.