PSY 302 Final: Chapter 1- Multiple-Choice

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Published on 21 Apr 2020
Ryerson University
PSY 302
1. Recent research conducted by Ferguson (2015) and Furuya-Kanamori and Doi (2016)
concluded what regarding the impact of playing violent video games on childhood and
adolescent aggression?
1. A) Their results indicated a direct link between the two.
2. B) They found that those who play less violent video games demonstrated
increased prosocial behaviors.
3. C) Their results were inconclusive.
4. D) They concluded that the effect of playing violent video games on childhood
adolescent aggression were minimal.
2. A method for combining the results from independent studies to determine a general
conclusion on the topic is known as:
1. A) meta-analysis.
2. B) factor analysis.
3. C) longitudinal design.
4. D) cross-sectional design.
3. Which statement is NOT a general reason to learn about child development, as outlined
in the text?
1. A) Knowledge regarding child development can help caregivers raise children.
2. B) Research on child development can aid social policy development and
3. C) Knowledge of child development can provide a more thorough understand of
human nature.
4. D) Research on child development can assist court orders regarding child
4. Research has determined that this brain area is involved in emotional reactions.
1. A) the amygdala
2. B) the hippocampus
3. C) the hypothalamus
4. D) the pons
5. One main conclusion based on the Romanian adoption study is that:
1. A) development is a direct result of sociocultural experiences.
2. B) there is no impact of social experiences on the developmental process.
3. C) the timing of experiences influences their effect on development.
4. D) development is a general result of biological influences.
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6. This major group of contemporary philosophers and psychologists argues that evolution
has created many remarkable capabilities that are present, even in early infancy,
particularly in areas of special importance, such as understanding basic properties of
physical objects, plants and animals, and other people.
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A) nativists
B) evolutionary psychologists C) empiricists
D) Freudians
7. This major group of philosophers and psychologists has argued that infants possess
general learning mechanisms that allow them to learn a great deal quite quickly but that
infants and young children lack the specialized capabilities that nativists attribute to
1. A) nativists
2. B) evolutionary psychologists
3. C) empiricists
4. D) Freudians
8. Considering the research on preschoolers' ability to provide accurate testimony about past
events, which piece of advice would be the MOST important for an interviewer to
be told prior to interviewing a young child?
1. A) Bring a doll to aid the child in answering your questions.
2. B) Make sure you know the answers to the questions before asking the child.
3. C) If you do not think the child has answered a question accurately, ask the question
4. D) Ask questions that will help children to testify accurately.
9. Romanian-born children who were adopted by British families _____ fared BEST in weight
gain after adoption.
1. A) before age 6 months
2. B) between the ages of 6 and 24 months
3. C) between the ages of 24 and 42 months
4. D) after 42 months
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10. Which statement BEST characterizes the results of research on children from Romanian
A) Positive experiences in later childhood cannot counteract the effect of negative early
childhood experiences.
B) Positive experiences in later childhood counteract the effect of negative early
childhood experiences.
C) The impact of positive experiences on children's resiliency depends on the timing and
extent of the neglect.
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D) Neglect in infancy always has severe and lasting consequences.
11. Of Aristotle, Locke, and Plato, which philosopher(s) believed that all knowledge comes
from experience, meaning that infants are born without innate knowledge?
1. A) Locke only
2. B) Plato only
3. C) Aristotle and Locke only
4. D) Plato and Aristotle only
12. Which philosopher offered the argument that children should be provided with maximum
freedom and no formal education prior to the age of reason at approximately age 12?
A) Rousseau
B) Plato
C) Aristotle
D) Locke
13. One of the earliest examples of research conducted for the benefit of children was:
1. A) Watson's experiments on the effects of reward and punishment.
2. B) the Earl of Shaftesbury's effort to reform child labor practices.
3. C) Freud's dream analysis.
4. D) Locke's advocacy of early discipline and later freedom.
14. Who developed the “baby biography”?
1. A) Darwin
2. B) Locke
3. C) Freud
4. D) Watson
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15. The emergence of theories such as those of Freud and Watson in the early twentieth
century reflected the:
1. A) increasing influence of early philosophical views of childhood.
2. B) incorporation of research findings into the study of child development.
3. C) desire of editors at universities to find suitable articles to print in professional
4. D) rise of young children as paid laborers in factories and mines.
16. Freud based his theory of child development in large part on:
1. A) analysis of dreams and childhood memories.
2. B) a systematic daily diary of a single child's growth.
3. C) experiments of the effects of reward and punishment on rats and other
4. D) study of children working in coal mines.
17. Which factor is NOT an enduring theme in the study of child development?
1. A) nature and nurture
2. B) continuity and discontinuity
3. C) stress and adaptation
4. D) individual differences in development
18. Which person is MOST likely to develop schizophrenia, based on current research
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Document Summary

Page 6: rachel is a 6-month-old who has recently learned to sit up on her own. Her mother places two toys in front of her: a soft, yellow, stuffed animal within her reach and a colorful rattle slightly out of her reach. Seeing both toys, rachel chooses the one she finds more appealing to play with. D) discontinuous: which theorist developed one of the best known stage theories of cognitive development, piaget b) scarr c) freud d) erikson. View b: examining changes in height from one year to the next from birth to age. 18: both view a and view b make changes in height look continuous. D) both view a and view b make changes in height look discontinuous: to examine whether or not children"s cognitive development occurs in stages, professor. Each child"s performance on cognitive tasks is observed two or more times over a period of two years.

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