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The origins of language moment mean it seizes to exist. At some point in history we developed language. Evolution led to humans becoming more capable of complex thought. Object permanence just cause ) don(cid:495)t see thing object right now doesn(cid:495)t. Referential language you can refer to something that isn(cid:495)t here at the. Underlying representation what you are trying to convey. How do we get between what we want to convey and what we actually. Grandmother of eight makes hole in one. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. This shows us why we have such difficulty communicating with other people. )(cid:495)m not saying sara stole my money; has seven different meanings if you. Phonemes smallest parts of speech in a language. Morphemes bigger parts of speech, usually words. They can be sounds but they also have meaning. You can also have morphemes that aren(cid:495)t words. Syntax how we put words together to form phrases and sentences.