PSY 402 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Paul Baltes, Clsa, Psychosexual Development

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1 Mar 2020

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Terminology used - refer to them as older adults or older person and not senior or elder or baby boomer. German chancellors believed that 65 and up was a good age to start contributing to the pension. Survey showed that older adults do not like the term senior or elder, it limits them and makes them seem frail and weak. Baby boomer - acceptable for a certain cohort of older adults. Study of aging - including biological, psychological and sociological factors and changes, also includes social and economic impact of aging. Includes different changes that happen to individuals since all individuals are not the same - older person or older adults does not limit them. Very little information about adult aging and development - most people like piaget and freud did studies on hold development and psychosexual development but not adult aging or development.