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PSY 102
Meinhard Agnes

Presentation Multiple Choice Questions for PSY102 Final Exam 1) What neurotransmitter is destroyed in Alzheimer's disease? A) Serotonin B) Acetylcholine C) Noepinephrine D) Dopamine 2) An individual has difficulties understanding mathematical concepts, has trouble speaking and sleeping, and has stages of excessive anxiety and sadness. What type of ailment is he or she likely to have? a) Postpartum depression b) Fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD) c) Post-Traumatic stress disorder d) Phobias 3) Which of the following is true of insomnia? a) the use of sleeping pills is the only method to treat insomnia b) insomnia cannot be induced by stress c) insomnia can be treated by lying in bed until one is asleep d) insomnia often results in sleep debt and rem rebound 4) Spouses tend to get involved in mangaing their partner's health conditions. As nurses, what is our role in this situation? a. to educate them about support vs control mechanism b. to help couples reduce stress levels c. to advise the couples to see other healthcare professionals d. to explain them about maintaining good relationships 5) Which fear is NOT included in the 4 main categories of specific phobia? a. The fear of small animals and/or insects b. The fear o
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