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PSY105 - Chapter 2

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Ryerson University
PSY 105
Helene Moore

PSY105 ­  Chapter 2 A good theory must be proven false: it must be falsifiable CHOOSE PARTICIPANTS FOR THE STUDY • Population: The entire group of interest to researchers • Sample: a portion of any population • Random Selection: randomly choosing a sample from a population • Sampling bias: choosing a sample that doesn't represent your population BASIC TYPES OF RESEARCH • Descriptive: method used to observe and describe behaviour and determine the relationship between the variables o Case Study Method - study of 1 or 2 people  Pro: useful for if only looking for a rare type of behaviour  Con: cannot generalize results to all people o Naturalistic Observation - people watching  Pro: study can be unethical or people might lie  Con: cannot determine cause and effect o Surveys - asking people directly about their behaviour  Pro: data collection is quick  Con: people lie, cannot determine cause and effect • Experimental: demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between variables o Con: might not be able to relate it to real world situation Heat Aggravates Aggression Experiment • Disadvantage: bring people to lab for artificial situations and hope it occurs in the real world • Two kind of variables in experiment:  Independent Variable (IV) - variable you can manipulate --> cause "Is gas important for the car?"  Dependent Variable (DV) - outcome After you give the cause "what happens next?" • Example #1:  IV = sunlight exposure vs no exposure ; DV= people's depression • Example #2:  IV= amount of times student reads (never, everyday) ; DV= exams performed Two Groups • Experimental group: group exposed to IV • Control group: group not exposed to IV and is used to compare how the IV changes DV
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