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PSY105 - Chapter 8

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PSY 105
Helene Moore

CHAPTER 8: PSYCHOLOGICAL  DISORDERS  DEFINING APSYCHOLOGICALDISORDER • Psychological Disorder : Condition reflecting persistent, harmful abnormalities of the mind o Over 400 disorders in DSM o More than 22% of Canadian adults suffer psychological disorders each year • Can be associated with the 4D's o Deviance - to be different from average person in the society and be different in an undesirable way (sad for no reason) o Distress - making someone upset when having abnormal psychology (crying, feeling overwhelm) o Dysfunction - when a person is unable to conduct themselves in a particular way for everyday activities (when depression is severe, they cannot get out of the bed) It is the inability to function o Danger - person with abnormal psychology, person might be a danger to other people or themselves SELF-HARM • Para suicide : individuals don't want their life to end but hurt themselves in a way that they don't die • Talk to people who think about suicide. It is the best thing to do (engage them in conversation) CLASSIFICATION OF MENTALDISORDERS • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4 edition, text revision (DSM-IV-TR) o Published by theAmerican Psychiatric Association • DSM-5 just released • Used for the diagnosis and classification of psychological disorders in North America o International Classification of Diseases (ICD) used elsewhere • Intended to give objective, measurable criteria for diagnosing disorders • Basic goal: to provide objective criteria MULTIAXIAL DIAGNOSIS DSM • AXIS 1: clinical disorders (Autism and Asperger disorder) (curable to one extent) • AXIS 2: they are going to have their entire life (less likely to be cured) • AXIS 3: medical conditions that can affect what can be done in a treatment • AXIS 4: to get information from the person about social and environmental sense (are the
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