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PSY302 - 1st EXAM Study sheet

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Ryerson University
PSY 302
Lili Ma

1Sessions 12 Emotional DevelopmentEmotionsis characterized by physiological responses subjective feelings cognitions related to those feelings and the desire to take action PrimaryBasic emotions Selfconscious emotionsSelfreferentialSelfevaluativeDiscreteEmotionsTheoryEmotionsareviewedasinnateandsecretefromoneanotherfromveryearlyinlifeandeachemotionisbelievedtobepackagedwithaspecificanddistinctivesetofbodilyandfacialreactionsExpressions Birth3 MonthsExpressions 36 MonthsPositive emotionsPositive emotions Contentment interestnonsocial smilesSocial smilessocialcognitive Negative emotionsdevelopmentNegative emotionsGeneralized distressGradually become more differentiated Expressions 712 MonthsExpressions 1224 MonthsPositive emotionsFirst signs of jealousySmiles more restricted to familiar peopleIncreased fearEmergence of selfconscious emotions 1824 monthsMain causes Strangers or SeparationPerspectivetaking and selfOther causesSeparation AnxietyFeelings of distress that children experience when they are separated or expect to be separated from individuals whom they are emotionally attached to2It tends to increase from 8 to 13 or 15 months and then begins to declineExpressions 1224 MonthsExpressions PreschoolChildhoodTwo types of selfconscious emotionsCognitive and verbal ability increaseschanges in emotion expressionSelfreferentialExamples discussed in classSelfevaluativeSelf vs Other focusExpressions PreschoolChildhoodCognitive and verbal ability increaseschanges in emotion expressionExpressions PreschoolChildhoodExamples of emotions affected by these cognitive changesJealousy New types of fearDepression in AdolescentsTypical adolescents experience a mild increase in negative emotions andor a decrease in positive emotionsMinority 1520 experience a major increase clinical depressionGender Differences in Depression By1315girlsshowhigherratesofdepressionthanboysdostEmotional Understanding 1 Year36 monthsProbably not much differentiate but may not understand meaning
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