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PSY 602
Jian Guan

Psy 295 Lectuer 1 jan 3 2012 -watches the lookout- youtube --> protagonist got into a car accident... lead to frontal lobe damage --> consenquences from the accidents: affected short term memory, inability to control emotions, affected motor skills --> His problems are compromised by making time schedules on a note pad, carrying an extra car key incase of leaving the key in the car --------------------------- Neuropsychology 'How it started 'the brain -what is neuropsychology? - It is the understanding o brain behaviour relationsihps and apply the info to clinical practices - It is able to understand it through interpretating various tests -Localization of function was first noted in the 17th century. - Localiztion is--- one specific part of the brain is responsible for a specific function -True birth of neuropsychology happened in 19th century -Carl Wernicke: the father of neuropsychology -THere was no real way of separating different types of psychology. -but in 19th century, psychology basis and neuropsychology began its separation in 19th. Types -Behavioural neurology: behaviours affected -- brain dmage in x cause y function deficits -Neuropsychatry : focuses on the psychatry, manifestation of neruological diseases -neuropsychology : pin point the problem The early days -had general sense of what a normal behaviour would be in a given test -Anything below the 'norm' was considered pathological: problem is that different person addressing the problem will prescrib you a different pathological. -ex. You have cancer , while another person may tell you that you have epilepsy. -To solve this problem: clinics began using quantitative procedures --> a more standarized test (not completely there yet!) -this allowed to diagnose "organicity" based on pathognomonic reponsed to the testhi ->> STILL PROBLEM : these were local and not standarized. ex. Person in mississauga and toronto will have different opinion. START OF CHANGE -bega with develpment of standford -binet test of psychometric intelligence -this was standarzed and was tested to be useful.. -this set the stage for psychoetric test battery approach in neuropysholocgy -ex. WIll conduct various test such as in memory, motor, verbal, spacial skills...etc. -this allowed for people's strength and weaknesses -this battery test was shown to be more superior due to the higher accuracy and provided more data. Allowd individual to give higher score globally. -allowed a norm to be placed meaning prescription from different pla
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