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PSY 654
Jian Guan

Courage can be interpreted in many ways. The main reason behind this is because of different view point of each people. This logic is the reason why validity and reliability is important. For example, a related definition to courage can be aggressive. This is usually the case related to actual behaviours in people’s real lives because being courageous means inputting an action that not many people will do such as helping a stranger carry a heavy bag. In order to test for the validity of the measurement I am currently trying to find, first and foremost, it must measure the measurement it was designed to measure. This means that the courage measurement should measure courage. However, reliable measures are not automatically valid. The measurement may give a reliable score but the score may be underestimated due to different interpretation of items. This is exactly the reason why the first question is set as a control question where it will ask for a solid yes or no answer. On the other hand, Using either internal consistency or test-retest -reliability, reliability becomes relatively easy to examine. Internal consistency which is using multiple questions called items with similar basis can help eliminate random measurement error. Test-retest-reliability is similar to internal consistency but the question remains the same and requires a delay in-between the test in order for the subject to not be influenced by the previous question. Do you see yourself as being courageous? a) Yes b) No If a fight occurs right in front of you and no one is there to stop it, would you step in the fight and be the one t
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