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QMS 202 Study Guide - Final Guide: Simple Linear Regression, Toronto Sun, Standard Deviation

Quantitative Methods
Course Code
QMS 202
Charles Barkley
Study Guide

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QMS 202 Review Exam
Note: This is intended only as an example and may be quite different in content and
structure from current exams.

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Question 1 (Marks 10)
A management team is developing the critical path procedures for the production of a jet engine.
The installation of the rotary fans is one of the more complicated steps in building the engine.
The standard deviation for this installation is 3.0 hours. What size sample should be taken if they
wish to be 99% confident that an estimate of the mean installation time is correct to within 2.5
Question 2 ( Marks 10)
In March of this year, just prior to the ''Academy Awards'' where the "best'' movie was
honoured, a reporter in the Toronto Sun Newspaper wrote that, as far as the general
public was concerned, different movies would be preferred by different age groups. A
recent survey of Toronto residents included a request to identify their favourite movie
released in 2000 and another about their age category. Using the cross tabulation of
the poll results below determine if the Sun is correct.
Movie < 20 20 to 34 35 to 50 50 to 65 > 65
Gladiator 30 50 20 10 6
Crouching Tiger,Sleeping Dragon 90 50 40 30 10
Traffic 40 30 10 10 5
Erin Brockovich 20 20 10 10 10
No Preference 15 10 0 5 5

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Question 3 (Marks 5.5)
Recently there was a study of the relative performance of Cable (tv cable;, Rogers etc.) vs ADSL
(telephone; Bell etc.) access to the internet. A survey of 1000 internet users yielded the following
Cable ADSL Neither
# of internet users 400 450 150
Download (to a PC) Speed Average 1.3 meg/sec 1.4 meg/sec N/A
Standard Deviation .4 meg/sec .3 meg/sec
Upload (from a PC) Speed Average .4 meg/sec .08 meg/sec
Standard Deviation .5 meg/sec .3 meg/sec
# of internet users reporting at least one occurance
of disrupted service in the last week 45 25 3
a] Is it reasonable to conclude that there is a significantly higher proportion of disruptions of
service for Cable users than for ADSL users?
b] On average, can one be sure that Cable Download speeds are significantly slower than
ADSL Download speeds? Assume the speeds are normally distributed with equal
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